Sunday, January 26, 2014

What is your criteria when purging?

Is it a timeframe?  Like if you don't wear or use an item within a certain timeframe you toss or give away?  Or do you just get ruthless and toss it?  I've got to toss a ton of stuff and I keep getting stuck on the fact that I MAY need it sometime in the future even though I haven't used it that much now.  My home is bit over 1500 square feet with virtually no storage space and we have loads of junk.  So guys tell me how you decide and where do you take it?



  1. The Salvation Army is my go-to donation place. It's the closest one but I have given things to the Volunteers of America store too.
    If I have new, valuable items, I'll donate them to a local volunteer fire department's auction fundraiser.

    Go on Facebook and check out Peter Walsh. He has been doing a daily decluttering exercise each day in January. They are quick and easy less than 1/2 hour jobs each day.
    Sometimes, if I am 'attached' to items I need to release them in stages. IE-go through a box of items to get rid of some....put those into a donation box. When the box is full move it to the garage or near the door. When you feel strong enough, put it into the car trunk and eventually drive it to the charity.
    Once something goes into the box, there is no taking it back out.

    While if you actually yo-yo between sizes there is some benefit to saving clothes in more than 1 size, it's not a good idea to keep complete wardrobes in more than 1 size.
    I like the "if I don't wear it within a year, it goes" rule. Turn all your hangers backwards on the pole and when you wear something, replace the hanger turned the right way. This helps you visually see what you actually wear over the course of a year.
    Good luck.
    Purging can be challenging but it's best to just dig right in and DO it!

  2. If we haven't worn it in a year it goes, if someone gave it to me years ago and I kept it just because and not because I like it then it goes. I had a huge weight loss so I am listing some scrubs and things on ebay and if they don't sell then they will go, book unless I really love them go to the library and when I realized we have more than 40 blankets and quilts for 5 beds a lot of them went to St. Vincents.

    I know its hard to get rid of some things but I look at it this way; do I want my kids to have to get rid of it in 50 years.