Saturday, January 4, 2014

What am I doing today? Saturday January 4, 2014

Why thank you for asking.  I am watching my dvd of Julie/Julia.  I love this movie.  Doing some laundry and guess what is in my laundry?
I love my scrubbies

That's right-scrubbies!!  I wash my scrubbies along with towels, sheets etc.  I do not dry them as they would melt in the dryer.  Why two you ask?  Well I have a skin condition that at this point is not curable.  It could get worse, oh how I hope that doesn't happen.  At its worst, I could have to undergo skin grafts but I digress.  Upon orders from the dermatologist office I use antibacterial body wash on the parts that are the worst and sometimes I use a "pretty and smelly" body wash on the rest of the old bod.

As well as laundry I have some chicken breasts in the crock pot
I will add some cream cheese, cream of chicken soup and mushroom pieces in a few minutes and cook for another hour or so.  Voila-creamy Italian chicken!!
So what are you guys up to today?

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