Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let me tell about the weather in North Carolina today

Freezing temps earlier in the week and today..........................drumroll please..............
Tornado warnings and here in the damage in my neighbor.  This is just one of the homes.  It is right around the corner from our house. 

I was out to lunch with my bestie and we're getting ready to leave.  I hear the waitress tell other customers to please get away from the windows and prepare to take cover as a tornado warning has been issued for us.  So I call my dh and ask him how it is at home.  He said it's not bad but it's getting worse.  Then he starts texting me that funnel clouds have been spotted............tree limb down, power out etc..........So we stay at the restaurant as I don't want to become a human misselle in my car.  This is what I saw as I turned into the neighborhood.  I tried to upload another photo but it won't for some reason.   Down the street a really big tree is sitting right smack dab in the middle of their home.  If you live in North Carolina just a few hours you could possibly experience several different kinds of weather all in the same day.


  1. I pray everyone is ok. Glad you stayed in place until it way over there is no reason to risk your life

    1. Thank you J!!!!! How are things in Philly? Dh and I talk that we need to go back to visit there. He ran the marathon in 2004. I wanted to tour the USS New Jersey as my dad was stationed on that battleship during the war but we never got a chance. Too many things to see!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your poor neighbor. I hope everyone is safe, and that the damage to your property is minimal

  3. we only had some tree limbs. Dh is making a small repair to the roof. We are fine but I have some neighbors that weren't as fortunate.
    in 1996 our home took a beating in Hurricane Fran. Keep in mind we live 2 hours from the coast. When Fran came through it was still at hurricane strength.
    Just one of the reasons we joke about NC weather. Muy unpredictable.