Friday, January 17, 2014

I joined Weight Watchers last night

I know that some of you will say, dumb move.  Save the money and do it yourself.  I've tried that and it's not working.  I know some of you will think I'm weak to need a group to help but that's too bad.  The fact is I'm obese.  Not fat, obese.  There are many reasons why I want to lose the weight:

  1. my health-duh-that's pretty obvious
  2. I'm tired of being tired
  3. I want to be able to bend down and not feel like I have to grunt
  4. I'd like to buy clothes again that don't go above size 12
  5. Walk up stairs without getting winded

There are other reasons as well. 

The leader seems very nice, understanding and energetic!  The group seemed like a lot of fun with several men in attendance.

I need to lose about 74 pounds to get to the upper end of my target zone.

Please don't judge me but I do ask for prayers and good thoughts and of course if you have great recipes to try, let me know!!


  1. Good luck!! I know you can do it. I have cut out most sugars, all soda and white bread this year and am trying to watch my weight. I did lose a lot of weight with the stress of losing Will but now I am eating normal and just being careful

  2. I join weight watchers about every 4 months. I've done it and lost a lot of weight but its like any diet. You have to stick to it for it to work, and lately I've had trouble doing that. But of all the diets, I think weight watchers is the best and easiest to follow. Good luck!

  3. I've done weight watchers online. I really liked it. The groups will probably help tremendously too. Good going; thems my two cents! I need to lose quite alot right now too (never got the "baby" weight off) and anyway that works for you is the way to go!