Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Does your job require you to be at work during bad weather?

oh my goodness............snow was in the forecast for late yesterday afternoon, evening and early this morning.  This forecast sent untold numbers to grocery stores to buy bread, milk and the usual storm stuff.  Heck one of coworkers left work early yesterday so his wife would not have to drive in "it".  It really didn't happen.  Sure there was a trace amount of snow on the ground but good grief Charlie Brown.  The television stations went on and on about it.  Sometimes I wonder if they like to "create" these stories so they will have something to report about. 
My job sent out an email telling us basically we are expected to be at work then at the very bottom we are told that if we are concerned about our safety then stay at home.  Which is it?  We are not in  the  healthcare industry.  No one's health is compromised if we are not there. 
Think about what bad weather really costs us:

  1. If you stay at home, you have to use 8 hours of vacation time.  I consider my time off as extra money in the bank. 
  2. If you don't have time to take, you are out of luck-so that is a day without pay
  3. The work that will be waiting on you when you do return
  4. The "wrath" or at the very least , the somewhat less than happy response you will get when you do return to work.  ummmmmmm  your coworkers that did make it will most likely be hot with you
  5. If you do go to work and get in a accident, then that will be costly as well
So as an employee you have to weigh this decision very carefully.  Several years ago I along with my manager were the only employees who came in that day.  It was not fun for me and I got annoyed because no one really showed any appreciation for it.  That gives you something to think about the next time it happens.
Does your job require you to come in during bad weather?  Does this cause problems for your family?
Does it bother you if you come in and those who live closer to work can't make it?  If you don't make it do you have to use vacation time?



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  1. When I worked in public school or college systems, I was not expected to be there! Whew! Since I usually worked 50+ miles from home, I never was expected. Once, I was snowed in while my work 50 miles to the south was clear. The roads were closed here, so there was no way any wrath could land on me. Now, I am retired, so I just watch curiously.