Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do you have the ability to create a second income stream? What skill do you have?

Since Christmas I've been mulling over things.  Things like my SIL and BIL.  She stays at home still even though both kids have graduated college.  My BIL, along with his fulltime job, buys lawn mowers, fixes them and resells them.  He also helps another BIL with farming.  They told us they have pecan trees and considering selling the pecans.  They would need to buy some kind of contraption that shells the pecans.  This piece of equipment would cost around $3000.00.  They are still in the consideration stage but I told my dh that I thought it was pretty cool.  They are always doing something like this. 
So I told my dh that I think we need to have a second income stream, but what?  I don't know.  Neither one of us is crafty, or handy at repairs.  It will take a lot of thinking outside the box. 

courtesy of lifeandworkinbalance.com

I read a blog entitled, Frugal Upstate, she spoke of learning new skills instead of making New Year's resolutions.  I kind of like that idea.  If we are really interested in a second income stream then we for sure need to learn at least one new skill.  Besides new skills, even if you don't use them for monetary reasons are great.  You use your brain, maybe work out those muscles that need it and who knows those skills may come in handy in times like we are experiencing now.  Bad weather, natural disasters, or whatever may come our way.

So you do you guys have multiple ways to earn money? 
Do you have skills that you could use to earn more money?
Are you interested in learning new ways to make money?


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