Saturday, December 14, 2013

Your opinion on parties like Pampered Chef etc.........

I am part of the Life Team at my church.  Life Team encompasses all aspects of the Life Movement, not just abortion.  It would take a very long post to go into details but today I am going to a jewelry party.  The items sold at this party are made from people living in 3rd world countries who are trying to earn a living.  It isn't like sweat shops and poor working conditions.  Part of the proceeds from this party will help a family in the area who are attempting to adopt children from a European country who have Downs Syndrome. 
I don't have a lot of "extra" cash to use but I do want to buy something so I can be a help to this family.  This family does not go to my church but we are trying to help our community at large.
When explaining it to my dh I said it is like a Tupperware party but it has a purpose. 

Now just in general...............what do YOU do, dear readers, when invited to "regular" parties like these? Do you go?  Do you decline?  If you go, do you FEEL you HAVE to buy something? 

In addition to going I am also bringing some food items: croissants, orange juice and some brown sugar cinnamon butter and homemade blackberry butter. 

It's events like this, for next year, that I will have to weigh the pros and cons as I usually just go and buy something.

Whacha think?


  1. I just never "got" these sorts of gatherings. I did go to one once and that was enough for me to know I didn't like them.

    While I feel these sort of "selling parties" are just a way for people to USE their friends for monetary gain(really, if you just want to get together with your friends just ask them over and don't guilt them into buying stuff they don't need), a selling party with a purpose like this is ok by me.
    But frankly, why don't you just write this family who needs the support a check directly? Why fill your home with more stuff you don't need?....just give them money directly so they get the FULL benefit of your charity, not just a piece of the money you would shell out, since part of it will go to the company being used as the charity vehicle here.
    Just MHO......

  2. I don't like to go if I don't intend to buy anything. I used to feel obligated to attend every party I was invited to, and buy things I really didn't want. I have a shelf of pampered chef items sitting in the basement that have never been used, and candles from my sisters stint as a Partylite hostess.

  3. If I go I feel obligated to buy. I tried selling tastefully simple about 5 years ago. The food is good but just so expensive. I would feel horrible when the guests at the party were talking about there financial problems and the I'm trying to sell them a $7 bread mix or $9 jar of salsa. Plus I always felt like I was imposing on people. I've had other parties for froends that were trying to sell stuff and I think most people just came out of obligation not because it was something they really wanted to purchase. It just seems like no matter what the party is trying to sell, its always so expensive.