Saturday, December 14, 2013

Watching the Army vs Navy game on the telly

Cooking up a pot of chili.  It's cold here in North Carolina today.   Cold and rainy.  I wish we had some of that snow that Philly is getting.  It needs to snow if it's going to be this cold.

How's the weather in your place and whatcha
 eating tonight?



  1. You want snow?....well come on up here! Been snowing all day and we have 3 inches right now but the sleet hasn't started yet.
    Tonight's dinner is leftover meatloaf grilled in a pan to form a nice crust on the outside and roasted fresh asparagus from the oven. Was going to put both in the oven the cook but the thought of a crusty piece of meat sounded better. lol
    No carb dish since the meatloaf does have some bread crumbs in with the shredded carrots I put in it.

    Good night for chili or stews/soups too in lots of the country today!

  2. I agree with sluggy...I got snow, sleet and rain(as seen on tv during the game and after). I don't mind the snow as much as the ice/sleet