Sunday, December 29, 2013

No Spend January Challenge

So I've gone off of the deep end and joined the no spend for January challenge via  I've always considered doing something like this but never actually jumped in.  Lord only knows if I will succeed.  We are allowed to make our own exceptions.  I mean, you know you have to pay your bills, put gas in the car, and grocery shop.    Now I am not going to be challenge police as to what folks buy at the grocery store.  I mean really who am I to tell someone one that they shouldn't have bought that can of Campbell's soup or box of crackers.  Even chips or Coke.  If they have the money to pay for those items then go for it.  I mean if you are cracking down on your spending then you are only hurting yourself because the money spent on those items could be used to purchase real food.
I did ask the facebook crew what they thought about my haircut I have scheduled for mid January.  Scheduled it before deciding to jump in.  It has created a somewhat lively discussion.  Surprisingly most are saying to keep it.  I have not yet decided what to do.  I usually have a very short style but have been considering letting it grow some.  I look much better with short hair as long hair makes me looks old old old. 
Oh well..................dh and I will be going out to eat on New Year's Eve.  We are going to the hockey game.  I told him today that we can't go out to eat for a month.  He was quite surprised!! LOL

Any of you guys ever done this kind of thing?  Did it go well?  Did you save a lot of money?  Did the lessons you learned then still apply today?  Are you still as careful?

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