Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is it still cool to be frugal?

Go back in time a few years and it was way cool to be frugal.  The subject was on the news, there were videos on, blogging exploded.  The economy was in the tank and so many people lost their jobs that they HAD to be frugal.  There was not other options.

Fast forward, things seem to be better.  I don't hear folks complaining about the economy as much. I don't see on the news stories of frugal shoppers.  I think some may think we are out of this mess.  Me?  I don't think so.  The so called growth is very very slow.  Charities in the Raleigh, NC, Wake County area are still being bombarded with folks requestion help.  If the economy is better, why are more needing help?

I say YES!!!!!!  It's still cool to be frugal.  I never was one of the cool kids but I think I am now.


  1. Beeing cool is over rated. I would rather be out of debt then be cool

  2. Yep frugal is still 'in' here!