Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I need help whittling down the grocery bill

There are only 2 of us.  No kids, no pets.  I've already declared 2014 to be the year of living frugally and this category is near the top of my to do list, as in, to do better.  Judy feeds her family of 4 on $200.00 a month.  Frugal Queen, well I don't actually know how much she spends since it is in British currency but it doesn't look like much.  I'm not a huge couponer.  Alot of that stuff we never buy and I don't want to buy something just because I have a coupon to save a whopping .50 cents.

We're not gourmet cooks by any means but dh does like to experiment with different foods, spices etc......some of those spices can get pretty darn pricey. 

We typically eat a LOT of chicken, basic veggies: green beans, corn, potatoes, those Green Giant frozen concoctions, salads ( we make these ourselves).  We do not have dessert with hardly any meals, once in a blue moon.  DH drinks unsweetened tea, I know we live in the South, but he is diabetic and can't have sweet tea.  I drink whatever, not usually water.  We will buy pork chops, ground beef at times.  I have to buy bacon as I think bacon should be its own food group. 

Ok, so do you guys make meal plans and buy for that or buy and make your meal plans fron what you bought?
Do you buy cleaning products and other assundries at the grocery store or do you go to Walmart/Target/Kmart? 

I keep seeing stuff about the "game" at CVS?  Folks getting tons of stuff for very little money.  Well that sounds good but once again, I'm sure coupons play a part in this and I'm not that good at the whole coupon thingy.  And I don't have tons of room for storage.

Right now, I do have a load of paper towels, bathroom tissue, body lotion, laundry detergent, dish detergent and some basic cleaning supplies to last for quite some time.

Where do I go?   Where do I begin?  It really is quite overwhelming to try to get this category under control.



  1. I never figured out the whole "game" at cvs and walgreens. I make a meal plan once a week and get everything I can at Aldi including paper towels and toilet paper. I make a second stop at Acme because I like their produce and I purchase any loss leaders or anything else I need food wise that Aldi doesn't carry.
    As far as cleaning products and toiletries, I'll buy them at Acme if there's a sale or if I don't want to make a separate stop for one item. But I do try to find out where the best prices are for things we use a lot and stock up when I can.
    For example, the Dollar Tree by my house has lotion that I love and a great shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Everything's only a dollar so when I stop their I buy a few bottles of each to hold us over until I stop their again. I just found out another store sells the hair gel that I use for the girls and I for only $3 a bottle. Acme's regular price is $3.69 and with 3 of us using it, we go through a bottle every 10 days or so. So I'm going to buy a couple bottles next time I'm in there.
    It makes it sound like I do a lot of stopping but really besides Aldi which takes a while to shop and pack my own groceries, the rest of the stores I just do a quick run in on my lunch hour if I need to.

  2. Hi, Im new to your blog but wanted to comment. Its also just me and my husband but I do have 6 dogs. 3 of them are seniors and have special health needs so I have to spend about 90 dollars a month on them. As for my husband and I , we pretty much shop at Walmart for groceries and anything we need a lot of like cleaning supplies, papertowel, toilet paper etc we go to Costco for. In the long run it is cheaper buying it there. Im also not a couponer, never could figure it out and there never seemed to be any coupons for what we buy anyway. We don't eat sugary snacks or processed foods. Last month for the first time I managed to but my shopping bill from nearly 500 dollars sometimes a little more to just about $320. Thats per month because we live on a fixed income we shop once a month. I am just beginning my journey into the land of frugal/simple living so I'll follow along with you :)

  3. I make a meal plan each week based on what's on sale at my preferred grocery stores. If there is a great sale on a particular item, I stock up for at least 6 weeks worth. That seems to be the normal sales cycle.
    Now, my husband does coupon. (Not me, I can't stand it but he calls it his part time job.) We have recently bought watermelons and pork chops with coupons, so fresh foods can be bought. I get all of my cleaning products on sale combined with coupons. They usually end up being close to free.
    My grocery bill for 2 adults and 2 teenagers who eat constantly is less than $400 per month.

  4. I follow the pantry principal. I have a price book in my head (lists of food/grocery items we commonly use and the max price that I'll pay, the best ie cheapest store to do so). I stock up on deals, eat seasonally, belong to a CSA from a local farm, etc. I do monthly dinner menus around the 15th of the month for the next month. I check what is on hand and use that to determine what I will be cooking. We have a big meat dinner on Sundays, providing leftovers, soup stock, sandwich fillings for later in the week. Mon is fish meal, Tues and Th are usually Crock Pot meals due to my schedule after work, wed and Fri are leftover nights, Sat is soup night. Thurs is usually vegetarian as well. See my blog for particulars:

    Carol in CT