Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hand Lotion Score!!

If you've read my blog for a time you know I am sensitive to so different products.  At any time I can have various reactions like an asthma attack, hives or just itchiness.  Once I find some products I like I tend to stick with them no matter the price.  I know that flies in the face of frugalism but as Uncle Si says, Hey!  that's the way it is Jack!!  I'd rather pay more than suffer. 
I use this hand lotion.  You can find it usually between 5.50 - 5.99.  Ulta sells it for 5.99 which I normally won't pay however I had a coupon for 3.50 off of a 10.00 purchase PLUS I had loyalty points that lowered the price for 6.00 more!!  Two tubes for a bit over 2.00.



  1. I use this same exact lotion. During the past couple of Super Double coupon events at Harris Teeter, I was able to get it for free. Just something to file away in your memory bank for future use!

    1. thanks! We have Harris Teeter here. I hope to be able to take advantage of this offer.

  2. Don't you just love those deals?