Sunday, December 8, 2013

Am I a Scrooge?

Is this what I look like?  Is this what others think of me?  The older I get the less I want to exchange gifts.  I mean, I just don't need a lot of things at this point.  The things I do need.........I am fortunate that I can get them myself or at least I can right now.  It just seems that we are really exchanging money.  You spend $40.00 on me and I spend $40.00 on you.  We may or may not need or heck even like what we gave each other.  I love watching Christmas movies and looking at lights and such but the whole gift thing is just so old.......................

Does anyone out there feel the same way?  I can't be the only one. 

I'm not depressed, I'm not angry.  I'm just tired.


  1. That's how I feel about gift exchanges at work. There's a department secret santa and then there's an ornament exchange for the whole floor. I don't participate. Why buy an ornament to get an ornament when I don't need any more.

    I like to buy gifts for family. It's fun to me to try to find the best gift for each person, something I know they will actually use. I do wish I could cut back on the amount of family that we buy for, but then I would feel guilty. I don't feel right buying for one niece or nephew and not buying for them all.

  2. YES!!! My sentiments exactly! I just had this conversation with my daughter, although she does not feel that way.....yet. I give her about 20 years and she will be right there with me. Gift giving is overrated and obnoxious. My mom gives me a check every year to dole out to my kids and my husband and myself. It feels wrong. It feels like she is paying a bill. All I want are her cookies. That's it. :)!

  3. This is how I feel exactly. Gift exchanges are basically give a gift to get a gift. If I wanted to spend X amount of dollars on something, I should just buy what I want instead of getting something I don't need or want. As to Sharon's comment, I feel the same way with my mom writing a check for us all at Christmas, I would rather she just call me on a regular basis and tell me she is thinking about me. Call me a grinch or a scrooge but I really feel the best thing to do on Christmas is to just spend a nice quiet day with the family doing what you want to do not what you think you should do because "everyone else is doing it".