Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's freezing and I decluttering

It is cold as heck here in North Carolina. I've been going through my hall closet/stockpile. Boy is it a mess!! I really didn't realize I have enough Bath and Body Works hand soaps to possibly start my own store. I'm not kidding. It is ridiculous. Being a clutterer and horder costs money. You have no idea what you have since it is such disarray that you buy duplicates. This is nothing to be proud of. I'm beginning to wonder about myself. There is stockpiling and there is hording. I'm not hording but I can see where it could get to that point. I need to get myself under some control. Any suggestions?


  1. 1-Cut up the credit cards and only use cash when you shop.
    2-Stay out of the stores and/or the aisles of stores where you can't resist temptation.
    3-If those fail, have DH tie you up. lolz

  2. will glad to know my Visa has a big fat zero balance!! Debit cards are also a tool of the devil!! Plus it doesn't help when BBW has those sales. Buy 100 get 50 free!! LOL