Sunday, November 3, 2013

Generic vs Name Brands

Are you willing to try generics in your medications, food, cleaning products? Are you name brand loyal? Do you use a mixture of the two. Personally, I fall in between. I used to use generics ALOT. Now not as much. We do buy a lot of Kroger brand items but I love love love Dawn Blue Detergent. In my opinion there is not another dish detergent that comes close. I love Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar Cheese. I grew up eating it and I find that I like it so much better than other cheeses. I also like Sargento. I used to buy Kroger brand American cheese until I read an article that said American cheese has like NO cheese in it at all. So I started buying Sargento cheese slices. More expensive but it tastes so much better. Now generic crackers I have no problem with but............I am partial to Cheez Its. And I am a snob when it comes to body lotion, I prefer Curel Itch Relief. No other lotion works as well for me. Okay guys.......anything out there that you must have name brand? And I'm also getting more and more picky about Advil and Tylenol and Aleve.

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