Friday, November 1, 2013

30 Days of Kindness via Udy with a J

Judy at has posted that her family is going to participate in 30 days of kindness during the month of November. I think that is so cool. We can all use more kindness in our lives. It sure would be nice on the drive in to work if that guy would let you in the correct lane or if you are only buying 1 item at the store and the person in front has a cartload and they say, go ahead of me. Sometimes you don't have to DO a thing. Just a smile or say hello. Sometimes all we want is to feel acknowledged. And does an involve an expense be that time, talent or $$$. They can be the hardest but I firmly believe that in the act of helping others or showing kindness to others, we will be the ones who ultimately are blessed because it just feels good. I am not asking for life to be a kumbayah experience. I am not asking for folks to overlook real differences between ourselves but I am asking that we be kind to one another no matter our faith, politics, race, gender. People are hurting out there. Smile, show true concern, be interested in what people are telling you. Pay attention to what is written in your church bulletin. I don't know about your church but when you read our bulletin you suddenly find out that so many more folks are going through some hardships. Judy has given some good examples of being able to help that cost nothing but effort. Have extra clothes in GOOD condition? Not wearing them? Donate them. Now isn't that simple and painless? If you see someone in the parking lot at the grocery store that could use some help, go over and offer to help them. Especially elderly people. Those grocery carts have a mind of their own, nope, sometimes they are down right a pain in the you know what and it can be hard to navigate. Hold a door open for someone. Say please and thank you. The list goes on and on. I'm sure ya'll can add some other things. For me, Judy's post is so inspirational because she and her family has gone through hell the last few months and to have the forethought to think of others is just AWESOME.

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  1. Your making me blush. I just think that even without money we can do so much for others. Today I helped a woman with two infants fold her coach. I didnt want her to think I was going to run away with them so I helped her take them out, she put them in the car and I put her coach away and my mom happily talked to her three year old.

    She said no one ever helped her and she was always terrified the oldest would take off so it was always a struggle. I remember those days