Saturday, October 5, 2013

well today wasn't a no spend day

I am considering no spend days. Having said that, I do want to buy the Sunday News and Disturber due to the coupons but I can tie that in with grocery shopping. any of ya'll have no spend days? For me it may be like a drug addict being cut off of Oxycontin or Meth or something. LOL Take today. My doctor has told me to use an antibacterial body soap or wash due to a skin condition. I have very sensitive skin so I can't use just anything so imagine my surprise when I found I could use Dial Gold soap or wash. I prefer the body wash as I feel cleaner. I know, go figure but I do feel cleaner. So it was over a month ago I found gold Dial body wash at Target on clearance plus if you bought 4 you got a $5 gift card so I cleared out the shelf. I think I got 4 or 5 bottles. I have not found it since. I had 2 coupons that were expiring today, $1 off of 2 bottles of Dial. I found some bottles at K Mart already on sale. I bought those then I was at the Dollar Store and thought I'd swing into Lowes foods to see if they sold Dial Gold and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!! They had several bottles. I bought 2 to use my coupon so now I have a bit of a stash of Gold Dial Body Wash. So for those on no spend you pass up deals on those days or take advantage of them?
I know I'm not British but I love this photo.

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