Friday, October 4, 2013

Walking the talk or better known as helping out a blogger friend

I've been reading Judy's blog for a very long time now. Over this time the blog has changed names many times but I always came back when I found out she was up and running again. Judy is a pretty awesome person when it comes to frugality and just in general. Well.......her husband died unexpectantly. On top of the emotional turmoil and pain, his loss is felt on the financial side. She is having a difficult time and Sluggy over at don't read this it's boring is asking folks, if they can, to contribute just a bit to help a friend in their time of need. As a Christian this is what we are called to do. So I have a money order/official bank check and am going to get a gift card to send. Folks we never know when we may need some help. I'm not really good at this blogging tech stuff and linking please read my blogroll and click on don't read this it's boring and you can find out more information.

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