Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'd love to thank the person who hit my husband's car and.......

didn't leave a note, didn't stay by the car to wait for us to come back. Thank you so very much. Now maybe they don't realize they hit a car. Maybe I should give whoever it is the benefit of the doubt but you know what? Now we have to pay the bill instead of them. So I'm not a happy camper. Just this month I made a concerted effort to save more money. You see, even though I am 51, I've spent my entire adult life foolishly spending money like there is no tomorrow. Now we don't have tons of debt. About 4500 in cc and then our mortgage which is less than 40000.00 but.............we have NOTHING in savings because of me. I'm trying to break the cycle. Reading ya'lls blogs helps inspire me and now I'm going to have to go into overdrive. Pardon the pun. LOL Doesn't look bad but my dh thinks the undersiding may be damaged as well. And you know they will say the entire front bumper thingy will need to be replaced. Oh well.......................................


  1. How awful!
    What a rat fink thing to do....I bet they either don't have insurance or they have had too many accidents that one more will send their rates into the stratosphere.
    And with these fiberglass bodies now, they need to replace so much.

    Keep on truckin' on the savings tho....just a bump in the road(pardon the pun lol).

  2. Brutal. I would not be able to live with myself. Hope the repair is not too costly.