Thursday, October 17, 2013

have you ever gone to a food bank

If so what was the straw that broke your back? If not, is it becausewe you haven't needed to or were you too concerned about what others think? I read an article where record crowds are going to food banks in the UK. I think food banks in the US are hurting as well. Cutbacks in food assistance and other areas will force more to utilize food banks i don't want to discuss politics just solutions. Also what advice do you give to someone to make their food monies stretch even more?


  1. Yes, I go to food banks. I cook from scratch! Also, I utilize everything from coupons to sales to clearances to buy the best food at the cheapest price. I dehydrate, can, and freeze food I buy this way or get at food banks. And, I get food stamps--a whole $49 each month.

    1. Let me ask you and if you don't want to answer I understand. What exactly is the process when applying for food stamps? Also, does the amount of food stamps impact the amount one can get at a food bank? I have never had to use either options, thank goodness. I am interested in the procedure part of it. Also, have you experienced rudeness from those who see you using EBT cards?

    2. I had to show proof of income, which in my case is a letter from ss showing what I get in ss and disability--$730. It has been a few years since I did this. I had to have ss cards for all occupants of my home, which in my case is 0. I had to have a picture ID and proof of residence--letter from power board, cc bill, any bill. It must have your name and address you supply them as your residence. There is a list of about 10 things, nothing hard.

      Everyone says the workers in the fs office are rude and nosy. I went in one day, pretty nervous, and the worker was soooo nice. I commented that she was nice to people who were asking for help. She said the majority of the people coming in were rude to the workers, demanding to know why they needed certain documents.. There is a policeman/guard stationed at the entrance because they have to ask people to leave and have them escorted off the property.

      Oh, must bring rent statement or mortgage statement, current utility bill, addresses and cost of all property you own. Are you in school? Do you work? Pay stub. Tell them cost of tv service, internet service, phone service, and cell service. I don't remember if I had to show these bills but I did bring my mortgage statement. I will probably think of other things later.

      I have a master's degree besides two bachelor's degree, have had my own office and dealt with people who are bringing information to me. I go into the food stamp office with everything they tell me to bring in a manila envelope. I know how to behave. I know this is their job and the price of getting help.

      The number in the household is the determiner of food at the food bank--how many are in your household? A one person household gets one box or bag, a 2 person gets two boxes or bags.

      Yes, some people are rude. But, many cashiers see I use coupons, shop sales, and buy ingredients instead of boxed food. One manager acted like she was sooo sad, saying it must be nice to be able to buy chicken on sale, that she wished she could buy meat for her children. That annoyed me to no end, to assume my position was better than hrs. As for other customers, sometimes. Other customers? Some are giving me "looks." Being in an electric cart probably fends off remarks. I do hear remarks as I leave.

    3. I get $49/month in food stamps.