Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween?

So today is Halloween. The dentist's favorite day of the year. Do you celebrate Halloween? If not, why? Is it for religious/faith reasons? Is it simply annoying to answer that dang doorbell? Or maybe you don't have many kids come to your home. Let me tell you, it ain't cheap or frugal. I guess if I was a coupon queen I could score loads of candy for hardly nothing but if I am going to participate, I want to give out the good stuff. Growing up my dad was a salesman for M&M Mars. Yep, we had any kind of candy they sold. FREE!!!!!!!!! Tons of it. Cases in the basement stacked up. It wasn't expensive for us needless to say. Some of the kids are really cute and some well.............we get teenagers, much too old to be trick or treating, come up in NO costume, with a plastic grocery bag saying, Trick or Treat. I want so much to say, dude you are way too old for this mess. Oh well, Halloween Part 4 is on tv. I have a love hate relationship with scary movies. They scare me. DUH......but I get really scared/uncomfortable when it involves the devil and all of that kind of stuff. Those things can really happen and I'd rather not watch.

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  1. I can not watch halloween! Movie scares the heck out of me!!!!!!