Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cleaning Products

How much do you spend on cleaning products? I'm sure that some of you extreme couponers have stockpiles of cleaning products that you spent pennies on. But how much space does that take up in your home? Plus what about the chemicals in them? Vinegar and water can be an awesome cleaner, or so I've heard. I've fallen for the theories that your home isn't clean if it doesn't "smell" clean. You know, smelling like Clorox or PineSol etc...............I have loads of half used bottles under sinks all over the place. How about you? So.........I'm going to step out on a limb and try the vinegar and water. Now for those you that don't like the vinegar odor, I am going to use essential oils to make it more pleasant to the old nose. Anyone with me? Are you willing to test drive this with me? Just think if it is as good as what I hear, all that space can be used for other more important items.
You can use any scent you like. I love citrus scents. Some folks prefer lavender or maybe even Tea Tree. Tea Tree has some antibacterial properties that can be useful as well. From what I've read you use an equal part of water and vinegar and then put in the oils, if you like. Shake it up and go to work!! Just think of how much money you will save if you find this cleaner to do just as good as your commercial cleaner. And what if it works better and better for the environment? Score!!!

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