Monday, September 9, 2013

Why is this Hand Lotion so expensive?

Now before someone goes off on me, just keep in mind. I am allergic to everything under the sun and I can't use just anything. Along with allergies I have very sensitive skin, mild excema and other issues. So..........explaining all that I can't use the cheapest thing out there and not have adverse reactions. But $5.00? Really? That is pretty expensive in my book. I'd like to find something cheaper that works just as good as this stuff. Trying to be frugal is not always possible even in little things like hand lotion.

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  1. I use Hemp hand cream from The Body Shop, it is not cheap but it works for me when others do not regardless of price. There are some things, coffee and tea especially, that I do not consider the price. Hand cream, shampoo and perfume are top of that list.