Monday, September 9, 2013

How Frugal is too Frugal?

So what do ya'll think? What is too much? I read a blog, Frugal Queen and that blogger doesn't spend a penny unless it is NECESSARY. You can tell from reading my blog that NOPE that AIN'T me folks. But I really need to be more like her. I won't freeze in the winter nor burn up in the summer though. I do have to draw those lines. Do you allow yourself any spending money? If so, how much? Do you take vacations or staycations? Do you go out to eat regularly or hardly at all? Do you make most things, food, cleaning products from scratch or do you buy some convenience items? Are you what some would call a crunch granola type of person or not? Does your greenness come from a concern about the environment or saving some dough?

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  1. I am as frugal as I want to be, I have the greatest admiration for Froogs but having never had her level of debt have never needed to be so strict. We hardly ever eat out, we can both make better at home than we have found in a 50 mile radius. We cook much of our food from scratch but I do use some marinades and mixes. I sew but not clothes and I grow fruit. veg and salads in the garden. We are getting ready to move next year and I am on a "use it up" challenge and limiting my weekly spend to £10 for as long as possible. Although the extra money will be nice it is going into an account to be used to restock once we move.