Wednesday, July 31, 2013

tonight's dinner and lessons learned from Judy

Tonight we had pasta with sauce and salad. Nothing extra special but quite good. Cheaper than going out, eh? Now onto Judy. I've been reading a blogger, Judy for quite some time now. Her style is forthright, honest, funny and inspiring. She's had her share of bad things happen to her but she picks herself up and keeps on going. See her family is depending on her and she is an incredible person. Before reading her latest posts I kind of subscribed to the Dave Ramsey method of beating debt. Put all of the extra dinero you have towards your debt once you've accumulated an emergency fund of $1000.00. Well let me tell ya, $1000 doesn't go very far these days. One car repair, one test that your doctor orders or a death in the family can make that grand disappear faster than a speeding bullet. So.........she has told her readers to keep adding to the emergency fund, don't put a cap on it. Most likely you WILL NEED it and maybe sooner rather than later. I only have a mortgage and Visa bill. So while I wanted to pay off the Visa by making extra big payments for the rest of the year I now plan on putting some towards the Visa but................the rest is going to an emergency fund. Dave would probably have a stroke but oh well..............I don't know Dave from Tom's housecat and he can get over it. Dave IS really smart but this episode of Judy's has got me to thinking.........................


  1. Thank you for the kind words they really do help. My hope is that people will realize that all though we all want to get out of debt you have no idea what kind of problem can come down the line.

  2. Dinner looks really good. And I don't think Dave would have a stroke. His are baby steps, not stone-etched rules to live and die for. To some people, 1k EF just isn't enough, and prefer to get it to 3k before moving to baby step 2. The best about his plans are to make them your own! I don't follow avalanche method for snowballs, but do a combo, and hey, if it works for me, there's no reason that it cant be right. As long as you keep reaching for the goal, fix it up until it matches what you want it to do and go at it!