Thursday, July 4, 2013

Christmas Spending Plan

Yes I know the 4th hasn't ended yet!! Don't turn the page yet. We all know that Christmas is just a tad bit more than 5 months away. Really just around the corner. Do you put money away each month or just hope there will be enough available in December? Does your plan include all of the extra expenses such as food for those yummy treats you will be making? The wrapping paper, bows etc............? Gas money for the extra traveling or maybe even airplane tickets? I have been putting a little bit away each payday. I am on a semi monthly schedule. At the end of October that money will be transferred to an account for me to use. I put $30 from every check into this account. Maybe that doesn't sound like much but it is better than nothing and I still think it allows us to have a nice wonderful Christmas. So what do you do? photo by

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