Saturday, July 20, 2013

Can green living be frugal?

When it can be so dang expensive? Do you buy organic exclusively? If so, how do you afford it? Most organic food I see in the stores is much more expensive than their counterparts. I know that some folks believe that by purchasing organic food they are keeping the doctor away. I don't know if I entirely agree with that. But keep on here............ I know some folks kind of pick and choose what to purchase green such as beef. I believe some bloggers purchase their beef from farmers directly, usually half a cow or something like that. They make sure the beef was grass fed, treated well etc.............Some like to use green cleaning products. Some make their own while others buy products such as Method, Seventh Generation. Some purchase personal care products that are greener than others. Kristen at the Frugal Girl buys soap from Third Day Naturals in various scents. She really likes them and gives such glowing reports that I ordered some myself!! I hope I like them as well. I like her version of green living. I don't feel it is extreme or way too expensive. Kind of a middle of the road green living. In fact, she buys a lot of her groceries at Aldis. So she is not spending loads at Whole Paycheck, oops I mean Whole Foods. LOL Do you have a green living philosophy? Why or why not? I personally have a varied green living. I will be incorporating green more into my life.

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