Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday whining

So today I had to spend some money. Vanity is for my haircut..............$35 plus a tip. I tip 20% which adds another $7 to the total for a grand total of $42. I get a haircut every 4 weeks. Now my frugal bloggers out there will probably slap me upside the head if they were near me but.........I do not look good at all with long hair. I look much better and younger and all around just like myself with short hair. It grows very fast so that is why I get it cut every 4 weeks. I love to read frugal queen, aka known as Froogs. Like I've said before she can make a penny scream. She colors her own hair and rarely gets cuts. But then again she looks very good in long hair. Plus a big epic fail here, I went to Mickey D's for lunch because I did not pack one for a total of $3.86. I also went to Target to get my husband a birthday card and a bottle of Target shower gel. That total was $6.58 So for the day, I spent a little under $53.00. Not good but at least I budget for my haircut. The dinner was a salad with some chicken strips (Trader Joe's) along with shredded cheddar cheese, olives, banana peppers plus some salad dressing. I had water to drink my dh had tea.


  1. I saw your comment on Froogs and had to laugh. I cant understand half the words those so-called English speaking bloggers use either. LOL. But I love their blogs, so quirky. Froogs is impressive in her determination to get out of debt. Quite inspiring.

    May I ask a dumb question--where is G Town?

  2. PS. Have you tried wearing your long hair UP? Versus down? Or pulled back? I look horrid in long hair too.

  3. Garner, NC-home to American Idol Scotty Mccreery!! LOL