Friday, June 14, 2013

Not Feeling So Great Today

My head hurts, my stomach is a bit wonky and I am so tired. Now after reading Froogs lately I decided to fix boxed macaroni and cheese. Yep..............that wonderment of orange cheesy lookalike stuff. It's better than spending money going out to eat, eh? I got paid today. I also paid $50 extra to the Visa Card, put $30 away for Christmas, $100 for emergencies and $100 for vacation. I will also put $104 to my church on Sunday so now I have to live on what is left. Lord, help me!!!!!! I wish I were more like Froogs.


  1. If you are physically feeling ill the last thing your body needs to eat is chemical mac and cheese.
    But what do I know?...I'm fat!lol

  2. It seems like I have heard you mention Dave Ramsey, right? We loved taking his course. Have you thought of using his strategy to pay off all cc debt before saving for anything else? Like Christmas, or vacations? He also says to have just a 1K emergency fund and then start your debt snowball by paying off the smallest debt first, then rolling that payment into the next smallest debt, etc. i think debt is making you sick, and getting that off your mind will make you feel great. :-). We only have our mortgage left, and are paying that off as fast as we can, thank God.

  3. PS. It is great that you donate to your church. But pray about donating your volunteering time and paying off your debts. Churches need helpers more than money.

  4. good questions. No box mac n cheese is not good for me. We had nothing laid out and I had no energy and trying to stay out of restaurants as much as possible. I do not have the determination of someone like Froogs, at least not yet.
    Dave Ramsey, for sure I've heard of him. Read some of his books and try to listen to him on the radio. That being said, I am hesitant to only have $1000 saved and everything else to debt. Yes that would get rid of my visa much much faster but..........things happen. My dh is not going to give up vacations. I've asked to stop giving gifts at Christmas to everyone only to be told not yet. So I have to save for those items. Now a possibility could be to stop giving to those accounts for the rest of the year. I will have to look into that. Plus......things happen, $1000 is not that much. Trust me I know. I had back surgery in April, $1000 would not even touch my deductible or coinsurance. If I put every dime to the Visa, I would have nothing to pay all the bills that kept coming in. Then I would have to use Visa or go on payment plans which are still debt.
    I love hearing the folks call in and scream we're debt free. I will be too, just not as fast, not as gazelle!! LOL