Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pepper Plant and Pruning

Here's the one lonely pepper plant I planted a week or so ago. I usually do not have a green thumb and the so called crop is yet to be seen. LOL I'm want a big garden and trying to get started in gardening on a very very SMALL scale at first. I love to read blogs like and the garden Jane has is AMAZING. Simply amazing. Maybe one day, God willing. On to pruning. God has been pruning on me the last week or so. I've really become interested in gardening, simplicity, hospitality, stay at home wives get the picture. Not exactly the topics that help one climb the so called corporate ladder. I was out 2 weeks for back surgery. Even though I was in pain I felt so good, no work stress, able to be at home. It was wonderful. I so want to be a stay at home wife. I am 51 years old, no children. Two bills would need to be paid for there to be any chance whatsoever. One bill will be paid in 3 months. The other will most likely take a bit over a year. Then my husband has to agree with it. Please pray for me as I seek the Lord's guidance in this matter. I really want this but is this desire coming just from me or did God put it there? If God put it there, surely he has a plan to help me achieve this AND He has to work on my husband's heart. Lord Jesus, help me grow closer to you. Help me be in Your will. Give me the desire to know you better through prayer and bible study and through friends at home and on the blogs that I read.

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