Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ok I have to do this

I have to be more disciplined when it comes to money. No charging for stupid stuff, heck if possible, no charging at all and quit taking out the money I just put into savings for other stupid things. I am good at putting it in savings but also really good at taking it out. OUCH!!! I have to admit I just charged our groceries. Yes I have the $$ in my account to pay for them but it would be quite slim after that and it would have to last 2 weeks or at least that is what I told myself at the checkout line just a few minutes ago. goes. I just charged $86.77. I hope it is the last time I use this card for a very very very long time. Maybe even forever if I am blessed that way. I need all you guys to help me here. Keep me accountable, pray for me if you are so inclined to do and give helpful suggestions not criticism to me.

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