Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Modest Clothing

Modesty you ask? Why yes I answer. This topic is running through my brain a lot these days. Why you ask? Well for starters I am a Christian and really want to live a God pleasing life. As a Christian we are called to be different, we are not to be like the rest of the world. How we live and dress is part of being part of the rest of the world. Do I want to look like little house on the prarie? Nope but I also don't want to look hootchie (is that how it's spelled) LOL Dresses and skirts are more feminine and I admit I feel prettier in them. I also think it best if we let certain body parts in the lower region have some air if you know what I mean. LOL What we wear does have an impact on men and how they react. Now I'm not talking reason to attack women rather than I think tight short clothing on women can influence a man and how he thinks. Men are visual, we've all heard that. Do I think that modesty is a salvation issue? By no means NO NO NO. We are saved by grace through faith and not what we wear. Having said that I think it best we do what we can to be God pleasing. So...............what does this mean for me? I have no idea whatsoever. I need more skirts and dresses if I wear them exclusively. How will my husband react? I don't know. Does God even want this for me? Again I don't know. I am going to pray about it. It would be really nice if I heard him tell me what He wants me to do. An email, a phone call or letter would suffice. LOL Most of the time God speaks through His word and sometimes He uses others. Please pray for me as I seek His will. Is this your idea of modesty? There is a wonderful blog. It's called themodestmomblog.com. I'm sure there are many women who disagree with this woman but I like a lot of the outfits she puts together and I find her blog interesting.

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