Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

MIA lately

I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and the rest of the time I've been just plain lazy. Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads this thing. We had church last night and tonight. It is Holy Week afterall. Time for the frugal living to go into high gear. More on that later.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grocery purchases today

So I went to Walmart and Target. I can't my pictures to place properly so the Equate spices, chilies and thin spaghetti and sauce were purchased at Walmart. The 2 blocks of cheese at Target Walmart: 22.20 Target: 16.21 I did not use coupons. We got 2 coupon fliers today. Haven't had a chance to look at them yet.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Coupon usage down?

I read an article a few minutes ago that coupon usage is down. Really? I was quite surprised by this fact because every time I have a coupon to get an item at a good price, the extreme coupon queens have already cleared out the shelves. I wonder if the show Extreme Coupons has anything to do with this. I mean how many bottles of mustard can someone use in a lifetime? The lady who bought 90 bottles and her husband didn't like mustard is an example of what I don't want to do. Yes you can donate mustard to places but then again how many food pantries regularly give out mustard to hungry families. I think the families would love some real food to eat. Mustard would come in handy for sandwichs though. I do use some coupons. Mostly cleaning products and items like body lotion, toothpaste etc......... Do you coupon? Are you extreme? What was your best haul? Is there an item you'd buy even if you don't have a coupon? For me, I love Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese. yest it is quite a bit more than the store brand but I love love love it. I love the sharp flavor. Way better than the store brands. We do buy a LOT of store brands as well. My husband is the Kroger King!!! My coworkers laugh at us but most of the time, not always, but most of the time we are saving about 20% off the name brand product. Do you buy generic items? If so, what are your favorites?

This is what we did tonight

Military Appreciation Night at the Carolina Hurricanes vs New Jersey Devils game. Of course the good guys won!!

Buying in Bulk Can Save Money.....Sometimes

I have allergies and asthma. I take a lot of medicine on a daily basis. One of my meds went over the counter. Allegra. Well I can buy a bottle of 30 tabs for about $15 at Target or 120 tabs at Costco or Sam's Club for $29.95. Obviously the 120 tabs is a much better deal. Just these savings alone make it worthwile for me to have memberships at a warehouse club store. What do you buy at a warehouse store?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How do illnesses affect your checkbook?

Sooner or later we are all going to get sick and need to miss work. Surprisingly many folks don't have sick leave or if they do they may only get 5 days a year to use. What is someone supposed to do in this situation? If you have a fever for sure you need to stay home but what if that means using your last day and you have 9 months left until you get 5 more days. I am so thankful I am not in that situation. I get a day a month of sick leave plus my vacation time. What does someone do if they have children that are always sick? It would be very easy to use those 5 days in one swoop. All of this does not take into consideration if you need to go to the doctor then get some medicine. A sick day can be VERY expensive. That's why I recommend buying some cold/flu over the counter meds WAY in advance so you'll have them when you need them. I love Advil Cold and Sinus but I don't love the price so I buy generic. I keeps loads of it in my closet upstairs. SHHHHHHHHH don't tell the police or they will think I have a meth lab going on. LOL I mean really. Every time I go I have to sign a form and can only buy 2 boxes at a time. I also have some cold/flu meds both day and night, cough drops, zinc tabs, chloroseptic tabs. You get the idea. I have them in stock. that way I don't have to go out when I look and feel like a wolverine. I'm working on having bottles of Gatorade on hand. For some reason when I get sick I crave Gatorade. Weird isn't it? I don't really crave any foods but I guess the old standby of chicken noodle is a good idea. If you have a coupon sometimes you can get 4 cans of chicken noodle really cheap. Or if you have a scratch cooker, make some and keep in the freezer. Anything you can do to stockup while getting a good deal is a good thing! Pardon the Martha Stewart saying.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Harlem Globetrotters

Last night we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Why you ask? My husband's cousin plays on the team that always loses to them!! LOL We went to see Gabriel Lowder. He's one cool dude. Here are a couple of photos but they're not very good.