Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh dear, how will the money appear?

I've been dealing with back pain for many years. This past summer it started again. I had a MRI and found out my L5 disc is bulging, I have degerative disc disease and arthritis. I went through 2 rounds of epidural steroid injections. Yep those shots that killed several people around the US. First round I had about 3 days of relief. Second round I had about 2 months relief. The pain is back, radiates down the left leg, it is hard to get good sleep, bend down. I've tried walking but after a short time my back, left side of my butt and my left leg start hurting so bad I almost drag it along. And it is getting more difficult to walk up stairs putting weight on my left leg. So yesterday he told me I've pretty much done what they recommend and the next step is surgery. It will be relatively easy. Lasts about an hour. It would most likely be outpatient but I could have to spend the night. And I have to look into my insurance for coverage but I'm pretty sure we will be responsible for the first 2000. We have that much saved and not much more. Then I will be responsible for 20% up to a certain amount. Should I use the funds we have saved up or use the payment plan that the hospital could set up for us? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

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