Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Healthcare costs and what I learned from Judy one of my fave bloggers

I have a fulltime job that offers good benefits. One of those benefits is health insurance. While it doesn't cover 100% it does help. I am having back surgery in April. Ouch in more ways than one. I have not reached my deductible in fact I have $0.00 towards my deductible so that means I will be responsible for the first $1000.00 plus another 20% until I reach $2000.00 out of pocket. Wow now it's not only my back that hurts. I am either going to have set up a payment plan, hopefully the hospital will let me or I will have to put it on a credit card. I simply don't have it and I won't have it in time for the surgery. Yes I probably could put the surgery off but I am tired of lower back back radiating down my left leg and making it feel like it is on fire. Toes tingling and throbbing. Not fun. I've been reading a blog for a few years now, the blogger Judy has decided to stop blogging. I surely hope she comes back some day. She has a unique way of blogging, sharing tips that have helped her in the past and also what she does on a regular basis to make sure all sides are covered. She is a whiz at setting aside money each month so she is prepared for future expenses. She and her husband work outside the home, there are kids at home and in college as well as her mother. Judy plans for EVERYTHING. I wish I had her wisdom years ago. If that had happened, this upcoming surgery would be a piece of cake-financally speaking that is. But no, I just got wise. Way too late. I'm 51 not some youngin just out of school with plenty of years to save up for the future. So here my future is in April and I am not prepared. I am learning though. If someone out there knows Judy, could you please ask her to email me at irishcanesfan@gmail.com. I would dearly love some encouragement.


  1. WOW thank you. I miss blogging so much but for reasons I cant really go into can not..maybe again someday we will see. But I am always here if you want to talk and really your are doing great...I just wish you felt better. Anyway here is my email kaswes0423 at aol dot com

    Your gonna get there we all are

  2. HI, I just left a long response on your other post concerning your DH's shoulder issues/insurance. I strongly suggest that you read your, as well as your DH's (or are you both on just one policy?) insurance plan and ask questions of HR or get an insurance company liaison rep to speak with you regarding how this works. Understanding that you had a deductible to max out first, it's not usual for the hospital to demand $2000 payment upfront like that. Instead, they are obliged to confirm your coverage, and can ask for payments. I would have opted to make monthly payments, even if still ultimatly putting them on a CC, of a few hundred dollars versus putting thousands on a CC, unless you had the means to pay it off in full. Hospital business offices WILL work with patients. I know first hand.
    Carol in CT
    -also a fan of judy!