Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do you celebrate the Season of Lent

We are Lutheran Christians and we celebrate the Season of Lent. Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday and of course Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Do you give up something or take on something? In years past, I've tried to give up sodas and potato chips. Had somewhat successes but not quite the whole enchilada. Then one year Pastor Mark said instead of giving up something he was going to take up a discipline that he normally didn't do or didn't do as much as he should. Hmmmmmm......I think that is pretty interesting. I love it after the Ash Wednesday service, we sometimes stop at the grocery store afterwards and the stares you get is funny. They stare but they don't want you to know they're staring. The Season of Lent is one of reflection and denial. A season to really look inward. It is symbolic of the time that Jesus spent being tempted by the Devil. It prepares us for Holy Week and the sacrifice that Jesus made for the world. His death and resurrection are the two most important days in the whole history of the world. His death was for the sins of the world. I am nor ever will be holy enough to face God the Father. Thank you that God looks at me through His son Jesus Christ. The blood of the Lamb of God washed me clean. Read the scriptures, pray, really ponder the awesomeness of it all.

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