Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Healthcare costs and what I learned from Judy one of my fave bloggers

I have a fulltime job that offers good benefits. One of those benefits is health insurance. While it doesn't cover 100% it does help. I am having back surgery in April. Ouch in more ways than one. I have not reached my deductible in fact I have $0.00 towards my deductible so that means I will be responsible for the first $1000.00 plus another 20% until I reach $2000.00 out of pocket. Wow now it's not only my back that hurts. I am either going to have set up a payment plan, hopefully the hospital will let me or I will have to put it on a credit card. I simply don't have it and I won't have it in time for the surgery. Yes I probably could put the surgery off but I am tired of lower back back radiating down my left leg and making it feel like it is on fire. Toes tingling and throbbing. Not fun. I've been reading a blog for a few years now, the blogger Judy has decided to stop blogging. I surely hope she comes back some day. She has a unique way of blogging, sharing tips that have helped her in the past and also what she does on a regular basis to make sure all sides are covered. She is a whiz at setting aside money each month so she is prepared for future expenses. She and her husband work outside the home, there are kids at home and in college as well as her mother. Judy plans for EVERYTHING. I wish I had her wisdom years ago. If that had happened, this upcoming surgery would be a piece of cake-financally speaking that is. But no, I just got wise. Way too late. I'm 51 not some youngin just out of school with plenty of years to save up for the future. So here my future is in April and I am not prepared. I am learning though. If someone out there knows Judy, could you please ask her to email me at irishcanesfan@gmail.com. I would dearly love some encouragement.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Whole Foods

Here are a couple of items I bought at Whole Foods today. Organice lip balm from Kiss My Face and Urban Farm magazine

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday at Church

Here are a couple of photos from inside the sanctuary at Resurrection Lutheran. The cross is right behind our altar and the pipe organ is off to the side. These photos were take right before our voters meeting began today. I just love voters meetings. LOL

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thrifty Threads from Kaylaksthrifyways.com

LBD Love: Bandage Bodycon Dress from Express

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Large Families on Purpose: Dressing Modestly Q&A - "What if my husband does n...: In regards to our dressing modestly posts, I've been asked this question several times, "What if my husband does not support my wearing ski...

My Saturday so far

Had a few trips to make to various stores. Had a coupon to buy Allyou from Walmart. Went to Hallmark for a Birthday card. Went to Target and then to CVS for buy one get one free laundry detergetn.

For Christians who need health insurance and can't afford it

Please check out Samaritanministries.org. I do have health insurance through my job but many people don't. I have not tried this nor do I personally know anyone who has this plan. Being a Christian ministry there are some stipulations that they expect their members to follow. Don't hate. If you don't agree then go another direction. I just thought I would share.

The In Laws are coming next week

I love my in laws, they are super but..........my mil is uber an uber cleaning machine and my house is well...........let's just say it has that lived in look. It is clean by most standards, I think but not by hers. We have one week to sterilize this place and make it look fashionably homey. Problem is I don't have the $$ to make it fashionable. I have been lazy when it comes to decorating because we don't have a lot of extra money to put towards it and I can never make up my mind what style I like. Some days I like country, the next I like shabby chic. Minimal vs cozy cluttered. Beachy country vs Williamsburgy. Seriously I have issues because I love them all and have no idea how to mix and match them all together. It's starting to make me stress a bit. How do you frugal people decorate?


Testing Google Plus pics on my Iphone

To Judy from When I get Where I am Going

I tried to read your blog and it is down. I hope you decide to start again. I love reading it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

For the clothesaholics out there

This is not me. This is Crystal Paine from Moneysavingmom.com. She has a cool book and I found some videos as well. thought I'd share this. I don't know if I could get back with such a small wardrobe but mine isn't much bigger. I do work outside the home though so I need nice work clothes. Plus..............I've been considering wearing dresses and skirts much more than I do now. Possibly even all of the time. I'm not sure if this is what the Lord wants me to do. I have a SIL that wears dresses and skirts all of the time and she always looks nice even if it is only a jeans skirt and tshirt.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh dear, how will the money appear?

I've been dealing with back pain for many years. This past summer it started again. I had a MRI and found out my L5 disc is bulging, I have degerative disc disease and arthritis. I went through 2 rounds of epidural steroid injections. Yep those shots that killed several people around the US. First round I had about 3 days of relief. Second round I had about 2 months relief. The pain is back, radiates down the left leg, it is hard to get good sleep, bend down. I've tried walking but after a short time my back, left side of my butt and my left leg start hurting so bad I almost drag it along. And it is getting more difficult to walk up stairs putting weight on my left leg. So yesterday he told me I've pretty much done what they recommend and the next step is surgery. It will be relatively easy. Lasts about an hour. It would most likely be outpatient but I could have to spend the night. And I have to look into my insurance for coverage but I'm pretty sure we will be responsible for the first 2000. We have that much saved and not much more. Then I will be responsible for 20% up to a certain amount. Should I use the funds we have saved up or use the payment plan that the hospital could set up for us? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday on the Christian Calendar. It is the beginning of Lent. TOmorrow is Ash Wednesday. This season is solemn. The alleluias are removed from our worship services. Really think and pray about what Jesus did for us. It's mind blowing.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do you celebrate the Season of Lent

We are Lutheran Christians and we celebrate the Season of Lent. Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday and of course Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Do you give up something or take on something? In years past, I've tried to give up sodas and potato chips. Had somewhat successes but not quite the whole enchilada. Then one year Pastor Mark said instead of giving up something he was going to take up a discipline that he normally didn't do or didn't do as much as he should. Hmmmmmm......I think that is pretty interesting. I love it after the Ash Wednesday service, we sometimes stop at the grocery store afterwards and the stares you get is funny. They stare but they don't want you to know they're staring. The Season of Lent is one of reflection and denial. A season to really look inward. It is symbolic of the time that Jesus spent being tempted by the Devil. It prepares us for Holy Week and the sacrifice that Jesus made for the world. His death and resurrection are the two most important days in the whole history of the world. His death was for the sins of the world. I am nor ever will be holy enough to face God the Father. Thank you that God looks at me through His son Jesus Christ. The blood of the Lamb of God washed me clean. Read the scriptures, pray, really ponder the awesomeness of it all.

I'm not a girly girl

but the older I get the more I like "girly girl" things. I have short hair but it is a very cute style or at least I think so. I am fat........let's face it yes I am fat and it is hard to be girl when you are fat because nothing cute is made for fat women. If you are "normal" or skinny you can be all kinds of girl but not for us fat peeps. I really like some of the British rose items I see in Good Housekeeping UK editions like wall papers, cute tee shirts, night gowns etc........... Sometimes I think my husband may be embarrassed to be seen with me because I am fat and he runs marathons. Yep he is that guy and I can only imagine those who meet for the first time. I wonder if they assume I live a healthy lifestyle as well. One look at me and they have to be scratching their heads. I want to be a girly girl, I want to look pretty but I don't want to wear a ton of make up to achieve this. I want my husband to be proud of me, to look at me and say dang she's a looker!!

Funds are tight

I don't get paid until Thursday at midnight. I have to pay a bill for a hospital stay last summer. I am on a payment plan and I don't include this on my list of debts since I'm not charged interest. I spent too much money last week and now I don't have the funds to tithe. Have any of you experienced this? I should've taken out the tithe to begin with but I didn't. I can take the money out of savings. I think we have enough food to last until payday. I'm not exactly good about improvising or making something out of nothing. Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some Super Bowl snacks and the mistake of not planning ahed

So I'm making a BBQ Chicken dish with Triscuits, Meatballs with pineapple bbq sauce and brownies. No I did not plan ahead and had to pay big bucks for most of this stuff. Part of frugal living is planning ahead so you can get the best price at the best time and store it for when you need it. Now I am not begrudging any of this but I am slapping myself beside my head. My lack of planning has cost me $$$. I hope to learn from this lesson to do better next time. I am trying to live frugally and simply so that I can give more to my Lord, my church and those in need. Let's Go Ravens!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A small frugal savings

So recently I've started using Billpay to obviously pay our bills. I saved postage on 8 bills. Now that may not seem like much but every little bit helps, eh? It also saves on the cost of ordering checks. Plus it is so very easy to do. I've resisted for years but finally gave in. Oh how I wish I had done this earlier. Now I need to rein in my extra spending. I need help in that area. I've tried the cash system but I usually take from Peter to pay Paul. Plus if I have cash in my wallet, I will spend it. Using the debit card is way too easy. Somehow it doesn't feel like you're spending when you use that little piece of plastic.

Let's Go Ravens

This is the sport I love the most

My haul from the NC Farmer's Market