Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yes another post. Along with trying to blog more. Make my blog more interesting. Saving dinero at the grocery store..........I have decided to start a walking program. Yep!!! I am overweight. I have a bad right foot, both knees hurt and and I have arthritis and a bulging disc in my back L5 to be exact. To avoid surgery I need to lose weight and build up my "core". I've had 2 rounds of epidural steroid injections and I will not go that route again. The second time was really painful. So........for all of these reasons plus I'm getting tired of my clothes getting tighter I am starting this program. I've downloaded MapMyWalk on my Iphone and it is really cool. It tells you have far you've walked, the amount of time it took to walk, it "maps your walk". AFter you've finished you can "share" this info with friends via Facebook etc.............. Tonight I walked 1.61 miles in 37.59 minutes. Not going to win an Olympic medal anytime soon but hey it's a start. And that is part of the battle.

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