Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice Storm in Raleighwood

so we get ice here in NC instead of snow. Ice is not good for anyone to drive in no matter where you grew up. Yes you peeps from those Yankee states. This means you. 4 wheel drive doesn't work on ice. It doesn't look like much but my pack porch is like an ice rink

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pay off car loan vs savings?

ok my car loan is $2411.00 and some change. I can put about $1500.00 on it with $1000.00 in savings. However...........I do have to pay homeowners insurance and who knows about taxes come April. So what would you do? Put down that chunk of change or make a few large payments of around $500.00 for the next few months? Once the car is paid for the ONLY item we owe is our home. I want to save at least 6 months of expenses before we tackle the house after paying off the car. This is what I will look like then!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Oh my folks!! They are calling for up to 3 inches of snow in the Old North State!! Better go get a loaf of bread and carton of milk otherwise there won't be any left in town. We panic down here when the S word is used. It's great for the grocery stores, they do great business though. LOL

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yes another post. Along with trying to blog more. Make my blog more interesting. Saving dinero at the grocery store..........I have decided to start a walking program. Yep!!! I am overweight. I have a bad right foot, both knees hurt and and I have arthritis and a bulging disc in my back L5 to be exact. To avoid surgery I need to lose weight and build up my "core". I've had 2 rounds of epidural steroid injections and I will not go that route again. The second time was really painful. So........for all of these reasons plus I'm getting tired of my clothes getting tighter I am starting this program. I've downloaded MapMyWalk on my Iphone and it is really cool. It tells you have far you've walked, the amount of time it took to walk, it "maps your walk". AFter you've finished you can "share" this info with friends via Facebook etc.............. Tonight I walked 1.61 miles in 37.59 minutes. Not going to win an Olympic medal anytime soon but hey it's a start. And that is part of the battle.

A shout out to Sluggy and her price book

I've read many times about price books and have tried it once or twice. That didn't last long but since I really want to save at the grocery store I really need to know my prices. We all need to know the prices. Otherwise how do you really know you're getting a deal? Sluggy has been writing some posts regarding her price book and it is giving me the idea to try yet once again.

How do you budget for irregular expenses?

Ok I read Judy's blog every day, she is wonderful!!! I so enjoy reading how she saves for her daughter's prom dress and various other categories. So it's got me wanting to do the same. How do you save a stack of money for your various expenses?


Right now I am suffering from Iwantitis. Specifically a new Vera Bradley pattern purse. Oh did I mention I have about 20 of them already? Hi, my name is Lee Ann and I am a purseaholic. They've come out with four new patterns. I went to the store on the way home from work and looked at them but get this.............I walked out empty handed. Yep empty handed and I am jonesing for a purse but also glad I withstood the temptation. Is there anything out there you really really want but know you shouldn't spend the $$ on it?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Organic vs saving money

I don't know about ya'll but this is an issue I think alot about. On one hand I want to do what is best for the environment, to be green...........but sometimes being organic is so expensive I can't justify it. Some folks says you can't afford to NOT eat organic but when I look at my checkbook I see that I really can't afford organic. I may can buy a few items here and there but as a whole on a consistent basis. Nope, no way, no how. I do try to buy some produce at the farmer's market. Every once in awhile I will buy Seventh Generation dish detergent. I make cleaning supplies using vinegar, water and essential oils. I just recently made furniture polish with olive oil and lemon juice. What do you do? I want to get a handle on my grocery money this year and I think that the whole organic thing may just have to fly out of the window.

What's Happening Wednesdays!!

So what's happening out there ya'll? Half way through the work week for us M-F folks. Don't know about you but I will be glad to see Friday. Let's see I spent some money today ----$16.73 On The Border ----$59.00 + a tad bit of change at the Catholic Bookstore ----$3.21 McDonalds See a trend here? Now.........I met a friend for dinner. We do go out about once a month but the Mickey D's would not have been necessary if I brought my lunch. The bookstore purchase is a CD set by Kimberly Hahn on the Proverbs 31 woman.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

This and That

So I got 2 Barnes and Noble gift cards for Christmas. I bought the paperback books with those. I am an avid mystery book reader. Love Murder She Wrote. The magazines and newspaper came out of the checking account. I have a problem with buying way too many magazines. I am hoping that this stack will suffice for awhile with the exception off All You that you can only get at Walmart. There were a bunch of coupons in the paper today. I am not an extreme couponer at all but I do hope to use them more this year to save money so I can give more towards the kingdom of God and to help others who need it. How has your day gone so far?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Look out Food Network!! an attempt to save money I am trying to cook more at home. I am NOT a chef by any means. Just your basic stuff. I use a mixture of homemade and store bought ingredients. By that I mean, I don't make my own spagetti sauce, I buy it. I hiss but I don't like my homemade spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese etc.................So I made a pizza tonight. Dough from Trader Joes, Kroger generic spaghetti sauce, garlic powder, chopped onions and peppers, shredded cheese. Hmmm..............I'm not a fan. My dh liked it but it lacked that certain something. Do you cook at home a lot? If so, what are your go to recipes that people like me can try?

Some pics from today

Friends........who needs them?

I was reading a blog that I love love love, when I get where I'm going. Judy was talking about her lack of close friends and how she is okay with that. She has a couple of close girlfriends then it is her family. I too have a "lack" of close friends. Not sure why. I have loads of people I know and like and converse with at work, church and sporting events but close friends are very few. I'm not exactly sad about it but I would love a few more. I had lunch today with a good friend. The more I get to know her, the more I like her. She is so nice and has a heart for the Lord. What is your friend quotient? Would you like more? Less?