Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Spend Challenge

today I found an article and youtube video of a lady and her family who went on a No Spend Year. Can you do that? And if so..........what falls in the categories on what's okay to buy? I think theirs was if it was consumable or depletable. New undies was okay. After my doctor appointment today, I've decided I really do NEED to start some kind of exercise program. I have to undergo an epidural steroid injection for a bulging disk. I'd like this to only happen once. He mentioned exercise but I have to be very careful of what I do. Nothing too taxing. So.............this expense will go on top of the hospital bill from July. I really need to go on a spending fast and NOW!! How long? A week, month, year? Can I really do this? I love love love magazines, books. Now I do have enough books to last a very long time. I use name brand skin care, Mary Kay. Would that be allowed? I guess so since I'd be making the rules. The family I mentioned stopped using cotton balls and started using the cotton that is in medicine bottles. Would I go THAT far? I don't know but I don't see the harm in cotton balls. What do you think? Oh goodness! I know I need to do this but I also know my dh will NOT be on board. He doesn't really spend that much so I'm sure he won't see the need for him to do it. Anyone out there have this kind of situation at home?

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