Saturday, August 4, 2012

gone awall for awhile

whew!!!!! I've been gone for a few days, haven't I? I've had an issue with bad back pain but mostly just plain lazy. My frugal simple living plan has not gone the way I'd like it to. Oh to get back in the saddle, so to speak. I did go to Food Lion and bought a few items that were on sale, not rock bottom prices but they were on sale. My husband is diabetic so he really enjoys those sugar free pudding packs, you know the ones @ 4 for $1. Well I had a $2 coupon to buy 10. So i got 10 packs for $8. Also cleaned out a cabinet and pantry and took extra similar items to a very small "pantry" space in our 3rd bedroom. I'm trying to keep the kitchen cabinets/pantry more organized while building a small stockpile. Say anyone seen peanut butter at a good price? Best I've seen without coupons for an 18 oz jar is $2.50.

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