Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes I use paper towels and I love it!!

Yes! There I said it and I'm not ashamed of it. LOL. I know I am breaking all of the frugal/simple living rules but I can't help it. I use them. My husband does not like cloth napkins and I just find them so darn easy and helpful. So just shoot me or report to the frugal police.
I guess if push came to shove and I had to really really watch every single penny that I spent then I would use cloth napkins and cloths for everything, but until that time comes, if it does, then I will continue to use my paper towels. I've been on a stockpiling kick this week. I know I have not gotten the best of best in terms of prices but.................I keep reading where some experts are saying that the US is going to have another recession. One gentleman said he felt that this one will make 2008 look good. He says it is going to be really bad. That means prices will go up up up and most likely more job losses. No one is guaranteed a job in those circumstances. So I am stocking up while I do have the $$ even if they aren't rock bottom prices. I read a blog called simply living, Kris rocks when it comes to simple living. I doubt if there is anyone out there who can do what she does. And......right now, she is unemployed as she lost her job within the last few days. A few years back she felt a calling from the Lord to stock up food and necessary supplies in her time of plenty to be able to use and share in a time of want. Read her blog, her time of "plenty" would be a time of want for most of us yet it is amazing at what she has accumulated in her pantries. She is one canning machine. She is, I guess what you'd call a prepper. Anyhoo, I don't know if I will ever can but I can stock pile items from the grocery store. So to the one person who reads my blog, what are your "paper towels'? those items that the frugalites out there would gnash their teeth when they found out?

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