Sunday, July 8, 2012


What do you do on Sundays? We USUALLY go to church, although sometimes I have to admit we don't make it. Right now we are going to a class on Tuesday nights that go over what our denomination believes/teaches and practices. Why, you may ask? Well................although Christian denoms boil down to the same thing that Jesus Chris is the Son of God, he was crucified on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead................there are some differences in the doctrine. I've always felt we should know these things. It would not be good to realize that you totally disagree with a denom on certain subjects. In my opinion and it is just MY OPINION, so please no flaming arrows.........too many people join organizations and churches and don't really know much about them. Just like they support politicians without researching them. Just because someone is in your preferred party does not automatically make them a good and worthwhile choice. Having said all of this, I will be upfront. I am conservative in my faith and politics. I can't nor want to separate the two. Although I respect the office of the president, I am not happy at all with President Obama. I tried to hold on to some glimmer of hope after the 2008 election that he'd be a wise and prudent man but alas that has not happened. I could go on and on but I won't, at least not for now. I will say a couple of things regarding the healthcare bill. I am FOR affordable heathcare for everyone no matter where you work. I don't think ALL companies should be made to offer healthcare because that could really close down some small companies that have just a few employees. I would like to see premiums based on sliding scales compared with salaries. This type of insurance would be your basic plan.. 80 20 plan with a deductible. I would like it to offer yearly physicals at no cost to the consumer and some type of prescription coverage. In the world of healtcare RX pricess are sky high here in the can we send HIV drugs to third world countries for pennies on the dollar yet charge hundreds perhaps thousands here? I am NOT saying to not help the other countries I am simply asking why the increase here. And..........I do not want the government in charge of my/our healthcare. They can't run the agencies they have now what makes us think they can do this? I mean really think of the IRS. Do you want the same people running your heathcare? Do you want someone in Washington to tell you when you are 75 that you are too old to receive the treatment your doctor prescribes? I worked in the industry for about 14 years in various positions. I can tell you that consumers will take advantage of "cheap" anything. At one time, the copays to see the doc was only $5. I can't tell you how many people came to see the doc for really stupid things because it was so cheap. You don't believe me? How about a broken fingernail? Or perhaps the glare from a windsield giving one a headache? These are just 2 examples of reasons why people demanded to see a doc when their copay was only $5. If they had to pay more, I think they would reconsider. And what makes it worse it these appt times should have gone to patients who really needed them. Plus I don't think the healtcare will be "cheap". We all will pay for it in higher taxes although your premium and/or copay may be affordable, you will still be paying for it in other ways. The one thing I agree with is coverage of pre existing conditions. Well I've got to go get ready for church. What do ya'll think? Remember, if you respond be nice, don't flame. This isn't Face the Nation.

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