Sunday, July 1, 2012

How do I begin this frugal journey?

Things seem to be so overwhelming right now. Where do I begin? Coupons, cook from scratch,stockpiling, grow a garden are just a few options. I really need to clean out the clutter to see exactly what we have and what we need from there. How much should we allocate for groceries and entertainment? Naturally if we cook more from scratch we need to set aside more money for that. In my dream of dreams, I'd be able to come least part time. I really have no desire to work fulltime. I don't thrive on stress or workplace politics or having to deal with different personalities. I don't know about you but sometimes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells because just one remark can start a major problem. Sometimes I feel like I should've been born in another era, one many years ago when so much was NOT expected of women. Their main responsibilty was to their family and home. I've had a strong interest in frugality for many many years but really never put it into practice and now I not only do I want to but I feel I need to. People are still losing their jobs. There is talk of the country going into another recession. We meaning my little family, we need to be ready for this. I need to be ready for this as I am the spender. Every month I have all these great ideas on how I am going to do better and BAM!!! I spend. The bad part is I don't really buy big stuff, it is just small stuff. I've tried various things in the past like using cloth napkins but my dh looks at me like I have horns coming out of my head. I've thought about making homemade laundry detergent but that is as far as it has gotten so far. I am going to have a complete makeover, just like on tv except this one isn't just on the surface, it goes much much deeper. To a level that will cause pain but bring blessings as well. Oh.........btw I need to say I am a Christian. I am looking for ways to have a personal ministry of hospitality for starters AND to not have this break the bank. Stay with me as I start a new road, a new path and extreme makeover.

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