Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frugal Beauty, is there such a thing?

ok................I have to confess I love make up but really don't wear much. Some days I wear none at all but other days my "full" face includes foundation and blush. Sometimes I have on eye shadow and mascara but a lot of days I don't. I don't have a complicated beauty routine. I use Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer. Sometimes I use an apricot scrub to get my skin smooth as a baby's.............well you know. My shampoo/conditioner routine varies greatly from Pantene to Suave to salon brand. I've read where some ladies have gone to the "no poo" method, meaning no shampoo at all but rather use a mixture of baking soda and water. I have not tried that and to be honest I have no idea if I ever will. I use either Dove bars or body wash to clean my very large bodacious body. LOL. Now I really don't have a large stockpile of any of these items. I have to work on that. I use Curel body moisturizer. I've found it is the best for me. I've tried various brands from cheap to expensive(Suave to Kiehl's) but Curel is overall the best for me. I was glad to see that the dermatologist I visited a fews months back has it on his list of good moisturizers to try. I know that many ladies use all natural green products but I can't afford to go that method. So..........what do ya'll do? What products do you use? Anything you'd have to have if you standed on an island? Oh I forgot to mention I have very sensitive skin and asthma. I can't use alot of Bath and Body Works shower gels because they make me itch and wheeze. So ladies where do fall on the frugal beauty spectrum?

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