Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Could you live on a food stamp budget?

Have any of you ever heard of the food stamp challenge? If not, basically you live on the amount of money your states allows for families of your size who participate in the food stamp program. Some just pick a random number....say $25 a person per week. All food you eat that week has to come out of this money. ALL meals, snacks, drinks etc.........Some people are quite good at it while others bomb after 2 days. Some frugal bloggers laugh at such and say they've been eating on less for longer and they feel no pain AND they have wonderful meals. What about you? Have you done this? Do you currently eat on this type of budget anyways? I think a big problem for many is the food that provides the least nutrition also costs the least. I know, I know that we should be shopping the perimeter anyways but bear with me. Many, not all, buy the most food they can get for the money. Nutrition doesn't always a player in the game. And...I don't know about your area but we rarely have coupons for fresh produce. We do a lot of shopping at Kroger and periodically we do get Kroger coupons for fresh produce but then it is only a 50 cent one. I have issues with being creative and that is a crucial part of the equation when you have limited funds but still want to have tasty frugal meals. I am not that girl who can throw something together and voila! it is great. In fact, I think I may qualify the show, The Worst Cooks. And did I mention that according to many who participate in these challenges, you can't eat out OR accept food from family and friends? I've never tried this but have given it alot of thought.

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