Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brand new blog

Okay, so this is my attempt to start a frugal living blog. First, a bit about myself.........neither one of us has been laid off, we don't have a ton of debt (just a car loan and our mortgage). We will have some medical debt here shortly because I was in the hospital overnight last week with chest pain. Thank God, nothing was wrong but I think I just may have angina when the bill arrives. LOL.
Having said all of this...............we are not in good financial shape because the money runs through us just like a colander, just leaving a little bit behind.
We both have steady (at least as far as I know) jobs that offer pretty good benefits but.............if truth be told, I'd rather be a stay at home wife. It is hard for me to handle the day to day pressures at work.
So please bear with me as I start this new adventure because I am NOT tech savvy, have no idea what I am doing or why someone would even care to read what I have to say.

1 comment:

  1. Yea, you started your blog! Looks great and welcome to the journey.