Saturday, March 10, 2018

Multiple Steams of Income

Do you have multiple streams of income?  Do you want them?  At this time we do not have them.  Neither one of us has a side hustle that brings in any income.  I'd like to change that but in all honesty I have no idea where to begin..............I don't want to work a second job.  I have way too much stress at my one job already and I don't need to add to that.  I also don't have any hobbies or craft skills that I can use to make money.  I am probably the least crafty person on the planet.  I like to look at Pinterest but I think I could never do that.  LOL

Do you guys have any ideas?

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Small Ways to Save Some Additional Monies

So first I guess I need to clarify a couple of items from my last post.  Yes I did save for the property taxes and insurance monthly so those funds are readily available however they occur at the same time as all of the unexpected expenses.  All of these happening at the same time created a perfect financial storm.  Even with those funds being funded every month we were still hit with almost $6000.00 of unexpected expenses.  Yuck

Now to just briefly mention 2 ways that I am socking away small amounts of monies when I can.  I have started saving whatever $5.00 bills that I have left over.  The money jar right now has $45.00 in cash plus whatever changed.  The money envelope has $320.00 in it.  I've started putting some money in it from my husband's check every time he gets paid.  I do this to have some "emergency cash" on hand just in case.  In 1996 Hurricane Fran hit this area and we were without power for 8 days.  At that time we had maybe $20.00 in cash on us and all of the businesses could not run their debit cards or credit cards.  Cash and checks were king! I plan on adding a bit more each month.  I do not count either of these monies in our emergency funds accounts.

Do you keep some cash on hand at all times?

My little jar

Our cash envelope

Friday, March 9, 2018

An Expensive End and Beginning of the Year

Wow where do I begin?  Remember last year our water backed up in our home and we had a repair bill of almost $4000.00.  Then at the beginning of this year my husband went to the emergency room for kidney stones and we paid almost $2000.00.  Then our taxes-between the fee of the guy who does them and what we owe for state and federal that adds up to almost another $1000.00.  Homeowner taxes were almost $1700.00 and homeowners insurance is $833.00.  That is a total of $9533.00.  This does not include any expenses that I am incurring due to my eye problem.  I am going to the retina specialist every month for who knows how long.  The copay for those visits are $60.00 however I still have not received anything from my insurance company.  You know those EOB (explanation of benefits) forms.  Have no idea.  I have to give them a call but it's almost impossible when you work and aren't supposed to be on the phone that long. 

I know that there are people who are experiencing much worse than us.  I am not trying to have a pity party here but I am ready for the expenses to stop if you know what I mean.

On a good note, we did book a room in State College Pennsylvania for the Penn State game in September.  We will be there for 2 nights then hopefully stay a couple of nights in Lititz.  Lititz is a beautiful little town not too terribly far from Amish country.

Well hope all of ya'll have a good day and weekend!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Roof Fund

Thank goodness today is pay day.  I was able to put $1000.00 in the roof fund.  The balance now is $1695.94.  I want to have at least $7000.00 saved by the time we have it put on.  Hopefully and God willing I will meet that goal by the end of May.  I really don't want to use our line of credit to finance this, even though the interest rate is really low.  I want to pay for it outright.  Then my goal is to save up for our trip to Penn State and a few vacation days here and there.

Have any of you had new roofs installed in the last year or so?  If so, do you mind sharing the cost?  Thanks!

Also does anyone know how to put one of the goal thingies on your blog?  You know it kind of looks like a thermometer and you track your savings?


Friday, February 23, 2018

New Budget Items

Well it looks like we will be adding some new budget items to the list for this year and perhaps longer.  Now we will have to add a line for a MONTHLY doctor's appointment for me.  All due to my monthly eye injections.  The way it was explained to me is I will have to go through all the tests every time which includes this angiogram to see the veins and retina in the back of my eye.  Thankfully only one eye will be tested each time unless my good eye starts having issues.  The copay for a specialist is $60.00 which isn't bad however I haven't received my first bill and I'm not sure if I will be owing anything in addition to this so this figure of $60.00 may actually increase.  Then another line item will be a new roof.  The roof we have now was put on the house in 1997 courtesy of Hurricane Fran.  It is time for a new one.  My husband thinks the minimum will be $7000.00 so I will be putting money aside every paycheck to pay for that.  I have told him I do not want to make payments for this repair.  Then after the roof, I will need to save for our trip to see our college play Penn State in September.  I've heard that hotels in that area can be quite pricey.  So basically my paycheck is going to savings.  YEAH! 

I am so thankful we paid off the house and cars.  Makes such a difference!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Murphy Strikes Again-Will This Stop?

I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted.  Nothing was really happening.  Just doing our thing, going to work, come home, pay for husband's kidney stones.  Those type of things.  Then 2 weeks ago tomorrow it happened.  I woke up and went to the bathroom to get ready for work when I noticed that the vision in my right eye was not right.  Everything had a grey tint to it and quite blurry.  I thought it would improve.  It didn't instead it got worse over the course of a week.  I developed a grey spot in the middle of my vision in addition to being blurry with a grey tint.  I went to my opthalmologist who diagnosed me with a swollen optic nerve and he sent to a neurologist who specializes in the eye.  I saw that doctor and she said she had not seen my problem in 15 years and told me I needed to see a doctor who specializes in the retina.  So........I went to see a retinal specialist and got the final diagnosis and prognosis.  I have ischemic central vein retinal occlusion.  I have had my eyes dilated, had scans, had an angiogram, doctor exams you name it but this last one really takes the cake.  I had in injection IN my eye this past Wednesday.  My doctor says I have to do this monthly, then every 3 months, 6 months then yearly and maybe I can stop at that time or I may have to have these injections for the rest of my life.  There is no guarantee that my sight will improve.  It may stay like it is now.  I do not look forward to having these shots every.single.month.  It is not a pleasant experience. 

And through all of this I keep hearing the cash register in my mind going kaching, kaching  and kaching.  I was told that one of the medications injected in my eye is a cancer drug that my insurance may or not pay for but if it doesn't pay for it the company who manufactures it will.  So I am waiting to see how this is going to cost.  I called the doctor office on Friday to get some kind of cost information and was told it was not available at that time.

I told my husband today, on the way to church, that I am so glad that we got out of debt.  No mortgage, no car payments.  This move on our part has turned out to be a huge blessing since all of this medical hoo haw has happened.  Now the retinal monthly office visits will need to be added to the budget.

At this time I can't read out of my right eye and my peripheral vision is not good at all.  Work is very difficult because I am working on excel spreadsheets and figures on reports every day.  It gets very distorted but I will have to deal with it.

So this is what has been happening in our little part of NC.  How are ya'll doing? 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Murphy Visited Again-Happy New Years to Us

This time Murphy was in the form of a kidney stone.  Yesterday evening I had to take my husband to the emergency room on New Years Day because he was sick as a dog and suspected he had another kidney stone.  We thought about going to an Urgent Care however none of them were open so we went to the nearest ER.  There is one about 3-4 miles from us and off we went.  Surprisingly there was no wait.  He was registered and taken right back but in all honesty you could look at him and tell he was sick as a dog.  He had no color, sweating profusely and walking bent over.  Now this part here may be too much TMI so please stop if you get quesy.  His urine sample looked like cloudy cherry Koolaid-it had that much blood in it.

They gave him fluids, some pain and nausea medication and then we waited to be taken to have a cat scan.  Then we waited for the results.  The doctor made a joke saying something like yeah you have a kidney stone.  You told me that but I just cost you a lot of money.  Not funny but I'm glad to know that so far he only has one stone however he hasn't passed it.  We had to go to a pharmacy that was open 24 hours.  That was interesting let me tell ya. 

We both are tired but I feel so bad for him because he was in so much pain.  His t shirt was soaked with sweat.

So this makes two times that Murphy has visited us in 2 weeks.  Enough now.  I really hate to see what this bill will be because hello it was January 1st and his plan renewed on January 1st and of course he has not received his new card yet.  Thankfully they did take his old one at both the hospital and pharmacy. 

So now we are looking at almost $4000.00 to fix our plumbing and this upcoming hospital bill.  This is when you realize that you really do need to be in the know when it comes to your health and your insurance, if you have it.  CTMOM is on point with this. 

Once again I implore ya'll to save, save and save some more because you really have no idea when Murphy will knock on your door.  Oh and btw-we are going to need a new roof in the spring.

Happy New Years ya'll-not so far but it will get better!