Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Murphy Visited Again-Happy New Years to Us

This time Murphy was in the form of a kidney stone.  Yesterday evening I had to take my husband to the emergency room on New Years Day because he was sick as a dog and suspected he had another kidney stone.  We thought about going to an Urgent Care however none of them were open so we went to the nearest ER.  There is one about 3-4 miles from us and off we went.  Surprisingly there was no wait.  He was registered and taken right back but in all honesty you could look at him and tell he was sick as a dog.  He had no color, sweating profusely and walking bent over.  Now this part here may be too much TMI so please stop if you get quesy.  His urine sample looked like cloudy cherry Koolaid-it had that much blood in it.

They gave him fluids, some pain and nausea medication and then we waited to be taken to have a cat scan.  Then we waited for the results.  The doctor made a joke saying something like yeah you have a kidney stone.  You told me that but I just cost you a lot of money.  Not funny but I'm glad to know that so far he only has one stone however he hasn't passed it.  We had to go to a pharmacy that was open 24 hours.  That was interesting let me tell ya. 

We both are tired but I feel so bad for him because he was in so much pain.  His t shirt was soaked with sweat.

So this makes two times that Murphy has visited us in 2 weeks.  Enough now.  I really hate to see what this bill will be because hello it was January 1st and his plan renewed on January 1st and of course he has not received his new card yet.  Thankfully they did take his old one at both the hospital and pharmacy. 

So now we are looking at almost $4000.00 to fix our plumbing and this upcoming hospital bill.  This is when you realize that you really do need to be in the know when it comes to your health and your insurance, if you have it.  CTMOM is on point with this. 

Once again I implore ya'll to save, save and save some more because you really have no idea when Murphy will knock on your door.  Oh and btw-we are going to need a new roof in the spring.

Happy New Years ya'll-not so far but it will get better!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

I Spent Some of my Christmas Money

I received some money for gifts this year and since I am in NEED of a new pair of jeans I went to Dress Barn Women today and bought a pair plus 2 tops.  One of the tops can be worn at work or home.  I'm trying to get more clothes that will work in both situations.  Dress Barn is one of the few places that sell plus sizes that don't look like tents-by that I mean they actually have a bit of style to them, ya know?  Us overweight ladies want to look nice too.

So when I came home, I semi cleaned out my closet.  Have you heard of capsule wardrobes?  Having just a few items that will suffice for both the workplace and home. This is supposed to be very helpful in choosing what to wear since you've cut out all of the items you never wear and faced with just the basics.  Items that you love and will wear.  It kind of makes sense to me.  How many of us look in a full closet but somehow feel we have nothing to wear?  That would be me.  So I'm trying this out to see if I like it.

I've been binge watching Law and Order SVU and football games.  Odd combination isn't it but it works for us.  LOL.

I've paid all of our bills for January except for the plumbing bill that will come next week when they fix our problem.  It's really kind of nice to have the bills out of the way.    

Is it cold in your area?  We've been pretty cold the past few days.  I wish it would snow but so far none.  

Well I am off for the night.  Have a good one ya'll!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Stocking up for the New Year

So the past week I've purchased items that I hope will last anywhere from 3-12 months.  I bought these items in hopes that it will keep me out of stores.  I don't know about you but if I go to Target to buy toothpaste, I come out with way more than I planned.  So I bought deodarant, toothpaste, lotion, face wash, toilet paper, paper towels, and face wash.  It is my hope that these items will last 3 months.  I also bought a year's supply of generic allergy medicine from Costco.  That alone is worth the membership fee.    I still need to buy Dr. Bronner's bar Tea Tree Soap.  I have a skin condition that requires anti bacterial soap.  I have Dial on hand but trying Dr B's soap since it is supposed to be a 'healthier' version.  It seems that everyone out there wants to outlaw antibacterial soap without realizing that some people actually need it.  

January 1st starts the No Spend Challenge via Frugalwoods-their month of extreme frugality.  Now I know that some people don't need a no spend month because they really don't spend that much to begin with but I am hoping that it forces me to become intentional with my money.  My husband is NOT participating as he can make $20.00 last a very long time and that means we will be going out to eat once a week.  He enjoys it and he is not the spender in this equation.  So basically I will be cheating but I truly hope that this is the only category.

Does anyone out there do No Spend Challenges?  If not please go easy on those of us who are!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Murphy Happened

Well  wouldn't you know it.  We got debt free and Murphy paid a visit to us last week and we are still waiting for it to be totally fixed.

My husband calls me on my way home from work and tells me we have a water emergency as in water was pouring out of our downstairs toilet for no reason.  He had not flushed it at all but he said he heard bubbling and gurgling and then the water started coming out, going all over the place and he couldn't stop it. 

So he called an emergency plumber.  It took a couple of hours but they finally made it to our home.  Turns out that roots from trees had damaged the pipes coming out of our home and caused a backup and that is why the water was backing up and out of the toilet.  That was last week.  On Tuesday, someone from the city of Raleigh came out to see if the city would be responsible for any of the charges to repair the pipe.  No was their answer and we expected that but it was worth a shot you know.  So..............we are waiting to see when the pipe will be replaced.  It has been "fixed" or at least a band aid solution was done so it won't happen again.  We were given a price of under $3500.00.  This plus the over $400.00 we paid last week makes this repair a tad under $4000.00.  If this visit from murphy had happened just last year we would be in a world of hurt and I would be in tears.  Now please don't get me wrong, this will put a dent in the emergency fund and although I wasn't in tears, it did me a bit anxious but................saving more money in the last year along with paying off the house and car put us in a better position.

Please people listen-Murphy will visit.  Murphy will happen.  It may not be a damaged plumbing pipe.  You may lose your job or someone get sick.  Please save as much as you can while you can, pay off debt as much as you can while you can.  Be prepared!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We're Debt Free!

Yes you read that correctly.  We are debt free.  I mailed off my last car payment today so I guess technically we aren't debt free until the balance actually goes to zero but I mailed it off so for us that's pretty good.  My car was scheduled to be paid off in 2020.  We are both so excited about this.  No mortgage and now no car payment.  I told my husband now we have to be hard core about building up our savings.  I told him we worked too hard to get out of debt we don't need more.

So that is my good news for the night!

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Check Out this Blog

I have a blog that I think you guys will really LOVE!  It is down to earth blog by Rhonda Hetzel.  I think she lives in either Australia or New Zealand but either way I love the design of it, the photos, the content.  It is amazing!

Please give it a try.  I think you will like it alot.


Lay Offs

Well I thought this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year............for some folks that won't be the case.  I have a facebook friend who said she got laid off Friday.  This is an older woman who says she has to work full time.  Fortunately for her, she was putting money away and trying to save as much as possible.  She said she noticed that the work was slowing up but it still came as a surprise. 

Are there layoffs in your area?  My friend lives in the Columbus Ohio area.  I've not heard of lay offs in my area yet. 

She is taking this news really well.  She has a strong faith and a strong work ethic.  I mean the woman already filed for unemployment and it just happened!  No moss grows under her.  LOL.  You know it's harder for older folks to find employment.  She has worked retail but really wants out of it.  It is tough to work retail, being on your feet for hours at a time when you are older. 

I hope this is not indicative of things to come.  I hope we don't hear of more layoffs. 

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